Aakash Warke
Associate Content Creator

An amateur violinist, a Physics freak and an insatiable reader, he’s not a fan of fiction unless it is to do with science. Aspires to play an important role in the next quantum revolution.

Aditi Chauhan
Associate Content Creator
When not binging on Netflix with her favorite snack, she could be found in the corner of her room with earphones in and a Ukulele to strum. An avid stargazer since forever, with a telescope to take her places.

Harshit Singh Oberoi
Community Building Officer
A budding entrepreneur and a Punjabi at heart. This next door book lover is pursuing the art of living. If not cracking jokes, you will find him facilitating a philosophy lesson.

Hrida Kapoor
Associate Content Creator
Water or music, she would swim in either for leisure. A curious simpleton who loves to live life to the fullest, she is on a mission to create the best version of herself and to stay young at heart.

Javal Gandha
Associate Content Creator
A Physicist and amateur Philosopher learning the non-trivial aspects of Nature. A Man Utd fan on a mission to pet every dog on the planet, he is a book nerd trying to keep up with his TBR.

Raunak Gulati
Associate Content Creator
Football field or class, he is a natural leader who love debating. If you are craving for a passionate rant about the elegance of Physics and the symmetry in nature, he’s got your back!

Satwika Adusumalli
Associate Content Creator
An accomplished Kuchipudi dancer, she is a nature-lover fascinated by the big bang theory. A melomaniac, what keeps her awake at night is profound questions about the universe.

Suhruth Madarapu
Associate Content Creator
Curious guy, keen to explore universe through eyes of physical sciences. He’s too much into perfection which physics proves him wrong. Reality is often disappointing but anime cures it all.

Utkarsh Jain
Associate Content Creator
An explorer on a path with no destination, he has a ton of dreams and a desire to know everything. Always trying to find superposition of our normal world and a wonderful world of Physics.

Valay Jain
Associate Content Creator
A maverick knee deep in an effort to comprehend existence itself, when his head is out of Physics books, he could be found in dilettante readings of philosophy, psychology and scriptures.