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Who are we

Physics Mindboggler (PM) is a social venture launched in 2016 and supported by Bennett University, a Times Group Initiative. It’s also part of the Government’s Start-up India Initiative and strives to inspire young minds towards science by sharing its beauty and scope. Brand PM is expanding its reach and visibility, globally and is supported by professionals affiliated with Tesla, DRDO, CERN, University of Ingolstadt (Germany), IIT, Government of India, and the like.

PM firmly believes that scientific research fuels economic growth and hence strives to inspire young minds with this ideology. PM also aspires to carry research beyond Papers by linking it to Entrepreneurship. PM’s offerings include gamification of Science through ‘Inspiration Clubs’, Incubation of research-driven  projects including  startups through ‘Research Centre’, and franchising of robotic labs through ‘Community Labs’. Other PM offerings include DIY Science Kits, Live Gup-shup, Rendezvous with a Physics Lover, student competitions, teacher awards, tech competitions, top Physics news, and scientific blogs.

Why to join PM Inspiration Club

Due to science phobia, young minds tend to memorize subjects, rather than understand them. In a country like India where over a million candidates appear for the national level engineering entrance exam (JEE) every year and over a million graduates in engineering, the quality of engineers and researchers India is producing is of utmost concern.

PM Inspiration Club is an initiative that aligns with the Government’s Department of Science and Technology whose mission is to promote Science and Research in India. At PM Inspiration Club, we are inspiring young minds towards science by embedding curiosity and imagination through Learning by Doing, Treasure Hunt, and Enlightening Research. It will help young minds become science wizards and connect them with the scientific community.

Learning by Doing: This segment emphasizes on hands-on learning rather than force-feeding the concepts and building a strong understanding of science, engineering, research.

Treasure Hunt: This segment emphasizes on gamifying science and romancing with science to avoid possible future phobia that could result in a poor foundation.

Enlightening Research: This segment emphasizes on giving participants exposure to various modern-research fields that will enable them to pursue research, build technology, and launch start-ups.

Who will conduct these Sessions

Dr. Indrani Mishra is an inquisitive physicist with a doctorate in experimental condensed matter from the Institute of Physics (HBNI). She has 11 years of research experience with 17 research papers published in internationally recognized publications.

She has also delivered talks and presented her research work at various international conferences. Presently, she is working as a postdoctoral fellow at IIT Delhi with the duties of research teaching.

Our PM mate Dr. Indrani is The Wizard Of Oz in the PM Inspiration Club, who holds these inspirational sessions every Sunday at 10:00 am. Our Pied Piper gathers all the little Einsteins and nurtures their inquisitive minds to inspire in the direction of love for science. Hit ‘Yes! I’m Curious‘ button to ignite your scientific journey.