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Technology Transfer • Research Internship • Launching Startups • Research Infrastructure • Research Collaboration • IP Creation • Funding/Investment

Who are we

Physics Mindboggler (PM) is a social venture launched in 2016 and supported by Bennett University, a Times Group Initiative. It’s also part of the Government’s Start-up India Initiative and strives to inspire young minds towards science by sharing its beauty and scope. Brand PM is expanding its reach and visibility, globally and is supported by professionals affiliated with Tesla, DRDO, CERN, University of Ingolstadt (Germany), IIT, Government of India, and the like.

PM firmly believes that scientific research fuels economic growth and hence strives to inspire young minds with this ideology. PM also aspires to carry research beyond Papers by linking it to Entrepreneurship. PM’s offerings include gamification of Science through ‘Inspiration Clubs’, Incubation of research-driven projects including startups through ‘Research Centre’, and franchising of robotic labs through ‘Community Labs’. Other PM offerings include DIY Science Kits, Live Gup-shup, Rendezvous with a Physics Lover, student competitions, teacher awards, tech competitions, top Physics news, and scientific blogs.

Why Research & Innovation Centre

As per the 2020 report of Scimago Journal & Country Rank, India globally ranks 4th in scientific publications but ranks 56th in creating intellectual properties as per Intellectual Property Rights Index, 2020. This reflects the inability of Indian researchers to convert their academic excellence into technologies or products or patents. In spite of being the world’s largest producer of engineers, India globally ranks 46th on Global Innovation Index as of 2021. Hence, it is important to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among researchers and engineers.

Research and Innovation Centre (RIC) is a PM‘s initiative to connect research with entrepreneurship through counseling/mentoring/networking for Technology Transfer, Launching Startups, Research Infrastructure, Research Collaboration, Research Internship, IP Creation, and/or Funding/Investment. Its objective is aligned with Government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative and looking forward to transform India from tech using to tech driven country.

Technology Transfer: PM offers opportunities to commercialize your research/technology through its connections with corporates from sectors like Automobile, Telecommunication, Quantum, Renewable, and the like.

Launching Startups: PM offers to make you a researchprenuer through its fine board of advisors of Startup-specialists who are also connected with Acceleration Centres, Angle Investors, and Venture Capitalists.

Research Infrastructure: PM offers lab access for experimentation and prototyping through its connections with Universities, Startups, and Centre of Excellence.

Research Collaboration: PM offers collaboration opportunities through its connections with Universities, Corporates, Startups, Researchers from sectors like Quantum, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Robotics, and the like.

Research Internship: PM offers UG, PG, and Ph. D. students Internship opportunity by assigning them mentors to guide them on their proposed research project.

IP Creation: PM offers support to get Intellectual Property Rights for your PoC/Prototype/MVP so that you become a rightful owner of your research and technology.

Funding/Investment: PM offers funding and investment opportunities for your research and technology through its connections with Department of Science and Technology, Corporates, Venture Capitalists, and the like.

Who can apply

This offering is for UG, PG, and Ph. D. students (all disciplines), researchers, industrialists, innovators, and the like who are looking for Mentors, Research Internship, Technology Transfer, Launching Startup, IP Creation, Research Infrastructure, Research Collaboration, and/or Funding/Investment. Hit ‘Yes! I’m Curious‘ button to apply now.