Satwika Nayak
Social Media Officer
An eager learner, she is drawn to a variety of fields, right from the sciences to the arts. During her free time, she likes cooking, sketching, reading articles and surfing through social media.

Kritika Chaudhary
Production Team Lead
A traveller, environment lover, and outdoor enthusiast. You will find her binge-watching shows on Netflix or sharing horror stories with her friends over a meal when she is not exploring the outdoors.

Nidal Shariff
Graphics Team Lead
He loves to admire the architecture and reshape it in my mind or design it in his own way on canvas. You can find him learning and analyzing stocks in his free time.

Nilima Gautam
Community Lead
An expert cook, a nurturing gardener, and a certified NCC cadet. She is a researcher in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. She is adventurous and tech-savvy.

Nourin Davood
Content Team Lead
An enthusiast who makes others fall in love with science. Someone who love to learn and explore, travel, eat , sleep, talk to people, be silent at times and just live in the moment.

Aldrich Dsouza
PR Outreach
I went for meeting in the college and found out nobody turned around, I was mad at them but turned out that they were planning for my birthday party and came out to splash a cake on my face

Divyanshu Daftari
Creative Content Creator

Dhruv Kukreja
Technical Content Creator
An adventurer and a curious cat, he is a literature aficionado. A quintessential challenge seeker, he intends to change the way we look at the multiverse. He loves football and pizza in same measure.

John Amrimboor
Motion Graphics
A Physics enthusiast combined with excellent computer, mathematical and technical skills. If not researching online articles and documentaries, you can see him juggling a football or trapped in wanderlust, exploring the world.

Mahir Rawal
Physics Communicator
 A kind of person who always wonder that other stars are also someone’s Sun. Can be found explaining dimensional glitches, blackholes or space propulsion methods. Wishes to become a successful rocket scientist one day!

Prashant Pandey
Motion Graphics
Workaholic. A little rough around the edges. Foodie.

Praveen SA
Motion Graphics
 Aspiring Tony Stark trying to invent new things. He builds the electronic brains of spacecrafts and rockets. If you want some tech advice and get your gadgets repaired, he is your go-to guy.

Rupani Maithani
Motion Graphics
 You can call her a graphic designer, social media manager, virtual assistant, or just a physics lover. Meeting deadlines is her end goal. Procrastination is my hobby but she loves what she does. 

Smita Borole
Physics Communicator
 Well-presented, polite, and friendly individual who is able to combine polite manners with razor-sharp efficiency at work. A physicist, a foodie, and a lover of nature. She aims to deliver knowledge to create a lasting legacy.

V Gopi
Motion Graphics
 He’s fascinated by the hardware of a quantum computer and aims to pursue it. He likes racket sports or reading popular science books. Apart from teachers, scientists and entrepreneurs; ironman from MCU really inspires him.

Venkatramanan K
Creative Content Creator
 Focused on personal growth and development, he is a gamer with a work-life balance. He finds himself thinking about space and physics at night, often. He is determined to improve his skill level in programming.