PM Inspiration Club is an initiative that aligns with Government’s Department of Science and Technology whose mission is to promote Science and Research in India. At PM Inspiration Club we are Inspiring young minds towards Science by embedding curiosity and imagination through Learning by Doing, Treasure Hunt, and Enlightening Research. It will help young minds to become a science wizard and connect with scientific community… Read More

PM’s Research & Innovation initiative strives to take research beyond papers by connecting it with entrepreneurship through investments, infrastructure, network, technology transfers, and commercialization. This will help Indian researchers to convert their academic excellence into technologies or products or patents and transform India from technology using to technology driven country… Read More

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Community Lab

PM offers franchisee opportunity to setup Community Labs that enables innovation among college students. These labs provide an infrastructure to experiment, learn, build prototypes, and solve real world problems. This will help India to build quality engineers & researchers, ready to stimulate scientific and economic development. The labs also offers scholarship opportunities for education & innovation through tech-based competitions. 








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