Welcome to Physics Mindboggler (PM), a social venture dedicated to inspiring young minds towards science and innovation. Founded in 2016 and supported by Bennett Hatchery, the on-campus incubator at Bennett University, a Times Group initiative, PM is part of the Government’s Start-up India Initiative and strives to make science accessible and exciting for all.

We believe that scientific research is the foundation of economic growth, and we are committed to fostering a culture of curiosity and imagination to stimulate scientific and economic development. At PM, we aspire to take scientific research beyond papers and textbooks by linking it to entrepreneurship, creating a pipeline of innovative solutions for real-world challenges.

Our dynamic team of energetic go-getters is dedicated to empowering students and researchers with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to pursue their scientific dreams. With constant support from our eminent advisors, we are constantly exploring new ways to gamify science, provide skill-building opportunities in deep tech, and incubate research-driven projects.

Our offerings include the Inspiration Wing, which promotes the gamification of science through various initiatives that aim to showcase the beauty and scope of science to students and the general public. Our Innovation Wing provides skill-building opportunities in deep tech and supports the development of cutting-edge technologies that can transform the world we live in. The Research Wing incubates research-driven projects, including startups, and provides access to research infrastructure, funding opportunities, technology transfer, and much more.

Join us in our mission to make science accessible, exciting, and transformative for all!

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